Responsive Websites

Many browsers.
One site.


Simply put, a responsive web site is a single site that adapts its layout depending on what browser it’s being viewed in. You know those sites that you have to zoom in on when you are on your smartphone? Those aren’t. Is yours?

Try it out yourself!

If you are viewing this on a computer monitor, grab the corner of your browser and shrink the window. See the page rejig itself to fit? And it looks great on a smartphone too.

Content Management Systems and why we use WordPress

A content management system, or CMS, is a toolkit for a website. It allows you to develop and stage a website, but it also enables you to administer and add content with ease. Some developers work in proprietary CMS, which is great for them but adds no value for you. And when they let you down, you can’t do much with it. You don’t have control and content gets stale. That’s why our approach leverages open source CMS, like Joomla, Drupal and our favourite: WordPress.

wordpressSmWordPress is great. We use it for our own site, as do Martha Stewart and over 6,000,000 others. It looks great on phones and tablets, because responsive technology is built in. It has a large community of developers and, best of all, it’s easy for our clients to use. There’s also a huge library of trusted components and enhancements, so it can grow with your needs. WordPress sites also have excellent Search Engine visibility, so it’s just good for your business.

Own Your Website

Ownership of a website means more than having a login and password, especially if you don’t know what to do once you’re in. And if you have to go back to your web developers every time you want to update a page or showcase a sample of new work, you’re not likely to keep things fresh. That’s why our approach is designed to give you control.