Visual Designer. Art Director.

You’ve probably seen my work. As an Art Director, I’ve helped major corporations and startups establish and extend their brands, working freelance with some of the best advertising agencies in Toronto.

Visual design is more than just making something look good, it’s about making it better understood, serving both the brand and audience. I apply that approach to every challenge, whether it’s for a digital asset campaign, DM, UX, POS or a responsive microsite.

Digital. Print. Whatever.

I’ve worked on digital, print and everything in between, from old school typography to the digital revolution to current mobile media and CMS. I was at the forefront of online development, designing and coding my first commercial websites since 1996. I’ve also worked on print design in every conceivable format, in lots of verticals: cars, banks, retail, telcoms and B2B.

Really. Really. Smart.

I’ve always been hacker, so I’m a rare combination of creative and technical. Knowing the technology is more valuable to the creative process than ever, and straddling the two has always been my biggest strength. It allows me to design for the real world, and span both creative and execution disciplines.

I’m well versed in software and digital production. I work in Indesign, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint, Quark, WordPress and lots more. Cross platform, too. So I can pick up a project and run with it as far along the production cycle as you need, whether it’s HTML or mechanicals for print. Always the same attention to detail.

Down 4 u 24/7.

You know that guy you can always rely on? I’m that guy. I’m always on call. You can brief me on a Friday for a Monday presentation, and I never say no to all-nighters. I’ll treat your deadlines seriously, and I know how to work to a budget.

Look, I’ve worked as primary art director on ING DIRECT’s (and now Tangerine) Direct Marketing for 20 years. So you know I’m good for the long haul, and I must be pretty good. Give me a call: 647-982-3848.

Tony Bonsell

Tony Bonsell

Tony Bonsell is principal and lead designer at Luxuria + Apparatus, a multidisciplinary creative studio serving agency and corporate clients in the Toronto and the GTA. He continues to design, art direct and produce both print and digital on a freelance and project basis under the name Luxuria + Apparatus, from his barn studio in Uxbridge.