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Luxuria: Visual Design by Tony Bonsell

You’ve probably seen my work. As a Designer/Art Director, I’ve helped major corporations and startups establish and extend their brands, working freelance with some of the best advertising agencies in Toronto and the GTA. Digital. Print. Whatever.

Visual design should be more than just making something look good, it should make it better understood. And that it should serve both brand and audience. I apply that approach to every challenge, whether it’s for a digital asset campaign, DM, UX, POS or a responsive microsite. Find out more about me here.

Here’s some samples of what I’ve done:

Response Innovations

Here′s what I do:

Visual Design

We've done a wide range of projects. Annual Reports. Motion graphics. Powerpoint. Direct Mail. POP...

Responsive Websites

Your customers are looking at your website on mobile phones. And computers. And tablets...

Identity and Branding

Whether you're a B2B startup looking for a perfect logo or an established business looking to retool their whole brand...
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